K1-301 Heat Shrink Tube And Accessory Kit


The convenient and portable assortment kit that includes heat shrinkable tubing in different pre-cut pieces and in various colors and sizes to satisfy, splicing, connecting, identification, environmental protection and cable repair applications. The adjustable partition plates for designing various proper spaces to assemble splices, terminals, connectors and tools to satisfy different applications. It’s an economical and excellent solution for electrical and electronics technicians.








Color:Black、White、Red、Blue、Yellow、Green ,Other colors ,special size, cut pieces are available on request.
  • Characteristics
  • Specification
  • Contents : Heat shrinkable tube, connectors
  • Kit Size : 27.5*19.5*5.2 cm
  • Plastic box material : Transparent PP
  • Adjustable partition plate : Transparent PP
  • K1 Adjustable partition
Part Number: K1-301
G5 Heat shrinkable tube
ITEM NO.Nominal Size(mm)Length(Inch)Color & Quantity
G5 3.0 2” Red 45 PCS
G5 4.5 2” Yellow 25 PCS
G5 6.0 2” Blue 20 PCS
G5 9.0 2” green 10 PCS
G5 12 2” white 10 PCS
G5 18 2” black 10 PCS
AIS Dual wall polyolefin tubing
ITEM NO.Nominal Size(mm)Length(Inch)Black & Quantity
AIS 4.8 2” 20pcs
AIS 12.7 2” 5pcs
AIS 25.4 2” 2pcs
GAST-B 110˚C Solder Sleeve Wire Splices
ITEM NO.Cable Size(AWG)mm2Color & Quantity
GAST-2 22-18(0.5-1.0) Red 10 pcs
GAST-3 16-14(1.5-2.5) Blue 8 pcs
GAST-4 12-10(4.0-6.0) Yellow 6 pcs
CRIMP Water Proof Heat Shrinkable Crimp Splices
ITEM NO.Cable Size(AWG)mm2Color & Quantity
GBS-1 22-18(0.5-1.0) Red 9pcs
GBS-2 16-14(1.5-2.5) Blue 7pcs
GBS-5 12-10(4.0-6.0) Yellow 6pcs
ABS Watertight tube For Terminals And Crimp splices
ITEM NO.Size(mm)Length(Inch)Color & Quantity
ABS48 4.8±0.3 1.6 Red 9pcs
ABS58 5.8±0.3 1.6 Blue 7pcs
ABS68 6.8±0.3 1.6 Yellow 6pcs

***Specified color and quantity on request

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