FEP/ PET Heat Shrink Tubing

Taiwan Yun Lin has developed FEP heat shrink tubing-shatterproof fluorescent lamps sleeves, which can be applied to the fluorescent / LED lamp tubes as protector, to prevent glass splashing when the tube lamps are broken and ensure the safety of environment.

The polyolefin heat shrink tube has obtained ISO 9001 certificated and through a strictly quality control of processing. Shatterproof fluorescent lamps are suitable to use in school, pharmaceutical factory, foods factory, restaurant as well as kitchen and so on.

FEP fluorescent lamps shatterproof sleeves

LFEP - FEP Fluorescent Lamps Shatterproof Sleeves

PET Fluorescent Lamp Shatter-proof Sleeve

YLPET-L - PET Fluorescent Lamp Shatter-Proof Sleeve

LED light diffusion sleeve

YLPET-SDF - LED Light Diffusion Sleeve
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